Just some knitting and writing


I knitted a lot yesterday, thanks to the series in which a couple, one man and one woman, totally unknown to each other, meets at the altar and says the famous words “I do”. That means they get married right away and with someone they haven’t even met before.

I have a scarf as my knitting WIP. I have no idea, where it goes or who gets it. I just know the aforementioned tv – program kept me entertained for hours and I managed to make many more rows for my current WIP.

When writing is concerned, I have battled with my characters as usual. A character, her sister and their parents need first, middle and surnames. Now I wonder, if one female character could be Alice Eunice. Her and her sister’s mother has died in the car accident. The mother has had no face, age or name, even the father and the older daughter has face and age, but naming them has caused me struggle. Names seem always to be more or less wrong, or something has been wrong, so that the story won’t make progress after a certain spot. Names either sound wrong in the first place (they just do not fit the characters) or the characters themselves do not accept them and refuse to speak, and if the characters do not speak, I am not able to write the story.

Now I have pretty good grasp about the mother’s age and when she died, but her name has remained as a mystery. I wonder, if the mother’s name could’ve been Eunice. The older daughter is or could be Alice Eunice, but the younger one is still missing her name, even I know how she looks like.

This far the father and the older daughter have not mentioned the girls’ mother, but now Gisela (my Inner Writer) has shown me a very foggy scene in which Alice looks at a photograph in frame. Alice’s father says “That’s your mother,” or something like that. Alice feels she looks at the picture of someone she knows, but still she does not. “So that’s Mom,” Alice says. And that’s it. Nothing else.

Gisela knows me pretty well, but she also seems to know my characters. The fact she showed me this new scene may mean the naming issue is going to the right direction. I sure hope I’ll get it right, because there are others that need naming too, and some of them are related to Alice’s father very closely.