This year has been miserable this far


I am just a miserable writer, but I like it. But I also like knitting and stitching. This year has been rough. I have been stitching “my condolences” – kind of presents whole this year 2016. First I lost a friend, but that happened a week after last Midsummer. Then another, younger friend of mine lost her father-in-law. I knew I couldn’t just brush it aside. I had to make her a present. It is almost done. Almost. But not yet.

But I had not even started the “my condolences” present, when the same friend lost her grandmother. I can’t even imagine the grief she is feeling right now.

And on top of that another, a lot older friend of mine lost her husband last winter. I sent her already a card in which I said how sorry I am for her loss. But I stitched her a “my condolences” – present as well. At the moment the present in question is in the hands of the local Framing Man. He knows what to do. This is not the first time he has framed my projects, and it will not be last.

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